Drake and His Favorite Soccer Team(s)

Everyone loves seeing their favorite celebrity wearing their teams jersey. Whether it’s David Hasselhoff having fun with the Manchester City squad or the boys from One Direction playing in Boca Juniors kits in Argentina, everyone loves it. Statistically, the best chance to see a celebrity wearing their team’s colors is with Drake. Here is a [...]


Today the Metro Council's Budget and Finance Committee met to go over well the monetary aspects of the stadium proposal. People have said tonight would give a good glimpse as to how the vote will go tomorrow when the whole Council comes together and puts the proposal to a vote. What's at stake you may [...]

Weekly Pick Em

This may be getting posted a little late but as long as it gets posted before tonight's game it still counts right? After 2 weeks of picks the standings still remain the same. We all went 8-4 last week and our records are as follows. Roberto leads the way with a record of 21-5. Brian [...]

Week 2……For Us

Here we are again....Another Sunday and more picks are in but before we get into that let's recap last week. Holy cow Robert took a commanding lead last week only missing one pick (we are looking at you Mile High City). No wonder he asked if I was keeping up with the records. Coming in [...]

Opening Night in Smashville: GLORIOUS

Hello Everyone, Welcome back to another installment of the soon-to-be-named Saturday article (send me your best ideas to my twitter @KrauseRobert37). Tuesday, October 10, 2017, was kind of a ho-hum day in Nashville. The night that accompanied it, however, was GLORIOUS. I will do my best to keep the gushing to a minimum, but this [...]


Tomorrow is a huge step in whether or not Nashville SC continues in its path to getting a stadium approved or not. It may not be a vote but it is a chance for many people whether they are for or against the stadium to voice their opinions on the proposal. I'm 100% I speak [...]