A Fun Lil Map of US Soccer

Some people have complaints about the structure of soccer in the US. Whether it’s promotion/relegation or being a retirement league for aging European stars, my main complaint is that there are a lot of teams and some leagues (I’m looking at you, NPSL) don’t update their team websites as often as they probably should. The reason I know this is because I spent a hefty … Continue reading A Fun Lil Map of US Soccer

Game Day Report Card: #100MilesOfHate

Thursday February 16th the Has Been Crew made a trip out to Bowling green to visit E.A. Diddle arena. We started off with the best of intentions, we wanted to cover the game in the most neutral tone possible. Unfortunately my former Blue Zoo (MTSU Student section) leader came out and I tweeted exclusively from a MT fans perspective…. Oops! That being said I will … Continue reading Game Day Report Card: #100MilesOfHate