How to: Bandwagon Free Cubbing

Hey as you read this, it’s no joke, the Cubs have won the World Series. 108 years, I know, the ridicule is over. The lovable losers are on top of the baseball world. A few weeks have passed, but this is still the ride of a lifetime for a fan base not used to it.

Now for fans throughout the years, it’s only fair to celebrate your ass off. We’ve waited years to enjoy a time like this, but in times like these it’s far too easy to be questioned about your legitimacy. Bandwagon’s are bigger than ever before and it’s easy to be seen as one of the bad guys.

Here are some tips to help you standout from those who jumped on for the ride just over the past year.

1. Know your shit

What do I mean by that? KNOW YOUR HEARTACHE. It’s never been easy being a Cubs fan. Being successful isn’t something we’re born with. Give that vibe. Know about the ‘84 loss to the Padres, recall in great detail the downfall in the 2003 NLCS. Even a reference to the ‘08 NLDS against the Dodgers gives context.

Remember your days with Derrek Lee at first base and Aramis Ramirez at third. Remember when Dempster was good then not so good, then a Texas Ranger. Remember the days when Carlos Zambrano lit a fire under your ass and sometimes worried you that he might kill another baseball player.

We all love being Cubs fans, but remember the bad times more than the good. Don’t lose your edge.

2. Unless it’s gameday or the day after the WS, only one Cubs item

Don’t be that guy, unless it’s right to be that guy. Unless the Cubs are on, you’re feeling like a jersey-shirt combo is the right way to go, don’t. Don’t blow your cover.

If you’re gonna wear that Schwarber jersey, and we know you will, don’t combine it with anything.

Be low-key, but confident. Also, don’t be that guy that forgets tags. Don’t ever be that guy.

3. Keep the nostalgia

It’s too easy to be that guy today who has a KB jersey, a Rizzo jersey, a Schwarber jersey. Keep that nostalgia, keep that Sosa shirt close.

You have a Sosa bobblehead from his 66 home run season? Carry that around with you. You have a mini Ryne Sandberg? Use it as your wingman. Keep the pieces from the past that help you stand out more as a legitimate lovable loser.

These are just some of the ways you can keep yourself from being grouped in with 2015 Warriors fans, 2012 LA Kings fans or 2014 Seahawks fans. Most of all though, just fucking enjoy it. What a time to be alive as a Cubs fan.

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