Stadium Report Card: Tennessee Titans’ Nissan Stadium

November 13, 2016

Tennessee Titans 45-27 Green Bay Packers

Week to week here at HasBeen Sports, we’ll be traveling to local, state and national games from football to hockey to shuffleboard (our favorite). We’ll be grading the experience from pregame to concessions to the fan support. Each week the ratings will be on a 1-5 scale based around something relating to that event.

A weekend ago, Brian Taylor went to the Titans-Packers game and witnessed a thrashing most wouldn’t expect from the home team. The focal point in ratings is squarely around the man, the myth, the legend, Pineapple Guy. Brian rated his experience out of Pineapple Guys for your entertainment.


Full disclosure we wanted to roam tailgate before the game but traffic on I-24 is hell on earth and had us at a stand still for almost 2 hours, so to be fair we cannot rate this fairly.

3 pineapple guys out of 5


Nissan stadium, while being in a BEAUTIFUL location, is the most cookie cutter NFL stadium I have possibly ever seen. That being said the stadium is clean and up to date, not much to complain about.

3 pineapple guys out of 5


Nashville hot chicken is the bomb yo! But beyond that everything seemed pretty basic, also the Packers fans drank the stadium dry. They were all out of Yuengling by halftime and that’s just not okay with me.

3.5 pineapple guys out of 5


Cheese covered support, is what I would call Sundays fan experience. While the Titans clearly have a small but very hardcore legion of fans, this was anything but a home game. Chants of “Go Pack Go” frequently rang through the stadium and with next to no organized support Titans fans simply returned the chant with booing.

2 pineapple guys out of 5


This was a strange game overall, if I didn’t know better I would have thought it was played at a neutral location. There were equal amounts of boos and cheers at every big moment in the game. But, damn as a home fan it was fun.

3.5 pineapple guys out of 5

Home Team performance:

Green bay got humped, plain and simple. From the beginning the Titans were aggressive and couldn’t make a mistake. If the city could get behind the boys in blue and with a little bit of luck Nashville could end up having something special.

5 moldy blocks of cheese out of 5

Overall: 3 pineapple guys out of 5



Game was enjoyable but the Titans organization and fanbase has a long way to go before being on par with the rest of the league.

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