Wish list: 2018 Tennessee Titans uniform changes.

Its been confirmed that the Titans are making uniform alterations to be debuted in 2018, so lets have a little bit of fun.

  • New Helmets

The Titans helmets look 1990s as hell, its about time for an upgrade. My suggestion is at the very least go from the glossy white to a matte white finish on the current helmets. Ideally I would like to see a complete re-tooling of the design.

NIKE footwear

  • Red alternates (Excuse my terrible photoshop, its late and I’m bad at this.)

Years ago I seem to remember the empty promise of red jerseys on christmas day, with the NFL being all about color rush these days I would love to see these replace the light blue alt.


  • Oilers throwbacks

Lets ignore the fact that we were god awful the last time we wore these, you have got to admit the Oilers throwbacks were sick, I would love to see them at least once a year.


  • Fix Tristar fail

Any true Tennessean cringes every time they see the Tristar fail in the Titans logo. FIX IT. 


  • Make sword logo the primary logo

I don’t feel like I am in the minority when I say that I hate the primary logo, something about the flames coming off of the crest bothers me. Best solution, boom sword logo is now our primary logo.


  • Chrome helmets

eh, why not? I know I know, this one is a little bit on the silly side but hey  MTSU pulls them off pretty well.chrome-dome

By : Brian Taylor

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