Nadal-Federer, Williams-Williams: This ain’t a dream, it’s some god damn tennis greats

What a time to be alive. Let’s get cliche. It’s 2017 and in tennis terms, we’re due for a changing of the guard. Coming from a huge Djokovic guy, the Serbian and his British “rival”, I can’t say that with a straight face, Andy Murray are getting up there. With both being upset in the early rounds, the stage was set for young guns or other seasoned vets to take center court.

Instead we got something no one expected but everyone needed. Oh boy, did we need it. The Williams sisters haven’t squared off in quite some time, but were all set to meet in the final down under. Early Saturday morning, Serena earned her 23rd, and a sweet pair of custom Jordan’s, in a straight sets win over her sister Venus.

Was it an instant classic? Obviously not, but it’s the matchup fans of the sport love to see, especially with the length we’ve waited between the last time they squared off.

Sunday morning, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will face off one last time, most likely, to see who takes home the men’s title. We all remember the unbelievable Wimbledon final that seemed to never end.

These two are destined for a five-setter aren’t they? You can’t believe either will want to lose. Who knows when they’ll see a final again?

Tennis. Is. Back.

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