Rondo calls out Butler and Wade for discussing issues with media, in post on social media

What a move by a guy who’s been  a lock to leave Chicago for weeks now. Let’s set up the backstory.

The Bulls are a dumpster fire, but not the fun kind. With the bottom feeder teams you at least get some fun out of those rare wins but know in the end you’ll get a lottery pick, most likely top five, and it’ll be fine. With the Bulls you’re getting middle of the road shit basketball with a glimpse at the playoffs. Who honestly wants that?

Apparently Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade do. The Bulls backcourt duo sounded off to the media after a loss this past week citing “lack of motivation and will to win” as why the Bulls blew a big lead late to Atlanta. Is it a “what happens in house stays in house” type of thing? You’d assume. Frustrations boil but you gotta go after those guys directly. It’s the front office’s issue anyway. You can blame Michael Carter Williams all day, but it’s really on GarPax.

Rondo didn’t take too kindly to the remarks. Who would’ve thought the guy who alienates himself better than anyone would be about camaraderie? Wow. Rondo took to Instagram with a photo of himself, obviously, and former Celtics teammates Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. In short Rondo’s post spoke about how teammates wouldn’t go to the media when times like this came along but would talk to those guys directly.

It made sense, it came from the heart, but it was in short, hypocritical. Hey guys, don’t talk to the media but let me post this on social media. You get where he’s coming from, but who really wants Rondo’s thoughts on this one? It’ll blow over the next couple weeks anyway, when Rondo gets waived by the Bulls and somehow ends up in Cleveland for Lebron’s “depth” issue.

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