Game Day Report Card: #100MilesOfHate

Thursday February 16th the Has Been Crew made a trip out to Bowling green to visit E.A. Diddle arena. We started off with the best of intentions, we wanted to cover the game in the most neutral tone possible. Unfortunately my former Blue Zoo (MTSU Student section) leader came out and I tweeted exclusively from a MT fans perspective…. Oops!

That being said I will try (key word being try) to write this in a somewhat neutral tone. We will be grading each category on a scale from one to five Swedish fish since the WKU mascot resembles a melted bag of the delicious gummy fish.




Arena: (3.5 swedish fish out of 5)

After about 10 to 15 minutes of childish laughter at the name E.A. Diddle arena I walked in to a VERY underwhelming concourse. With hallways that looked barely wide enough to pass fire code I thought I was in for a terrible arena experience, turns out the inside is actually freaking gorgeous.


I mean hot damn, thats pretty! Unfortunately the concourse was awkward and ugly enough that it dropped their score down a full point and a half.

Home fans and atmosphere: (3 Swedish fish out of 5)

Guys, I made new friends! I found my section and sat down surrounded by Hilltoppers, they immediately turned to me and started talking to me about everything from Basketball to the 2000 red Corvette that the nice middle aged man in front of me had just bought. Despite being some of the nicest fans I have met and having an okay atmosphere after about 10 minutes it was absolutely silent in that arena. To be fair WKU got absolutely humped but still, I felt like I was in church not a basketball game.

Away fans (2.5 Swedish fish out of 5)

Alright MTSU fans, what happened…. I seem to remember a few years back we took two buses of fans into diddle and took it over. To be fair, the thirty or so fans that made the trip were very loud and definitely made an impact.

Game (3 Swedish fish out of 5)

Being a MTSU fan this game was a 6 out of 5 but I have to look at this with a little bit of neutrality. Overall it was a bad game, WKU was absolutely blow out and MTSU was clearly the better team.

Overall (3 Swedish fish out of 5)

For being as outmatched as they were WKU played a pretty good first half, and from my conversations with the fans around me they expected to loose this game and were looking forward until next year. The Has Been Crew had a great time in Bowling Green and look forward to visiting again soon, hopefully next time the game will be a little more exciting.

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