Why I created the MTSU Alumni Zoo.

How’s it going MTSU fans, before I get into the Alumni Zoo let me give you some back ground on myself. On December 21st 2012 as a sophomore at MTSU I created the Blue Zoo and over the next 2 years I made it my job to grow student support for MTSU athletics. Being 19 years old with zero work experience outside of a dollar general cashier I had absolutely no idea how to run a student organization and I ran into constant problems that somewhat overwhelmed me. Looking back now the one thing I wish I would have had was a support net of people who could advise me on how to do basic things like marketing, merchandise and really everything else. Don’t get me wrong, I had some help (Shout out to Marco Born, Tyler Basler, and Kermit Davis) but they could never really focus on JUST the Blue Zoo, obviously needing to focus on their responsibilities within the athletic department.

That support net is essentially what I want to set up here, the current Blue Zoo leader (good ole Aaron Grisham of HasBeenSports) is passing the group off after this year to a freshman who is VERY deserving of the role. It will be the mission of the Alumni Zoo to help him push the Zoo to new heights.

Goals for the Alumni Zoo.

  • Advise the Blue Zoo
  • Create an amazing atmosphere away from student section
  • Joint Blue Zoo & Alumni Zoo tailgates
  • Help grow the MTSU Brand
  • MTSU fan events
  • Merchandise

I have a lot of planning to do and a lot of groups to talk to, but I need help. I want to build a “front office” of 5-10 experienced volunteers that can bring energy and excitement to this unique organization. If you have any interest either contact the Alumni Zoo on Twitter (@AlumniZoo) or send an email to MTAlumniZoo@gmail.com.


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