100 songs we demand be on the Nashville SC game day playlist (1-25)

If you listen to the Roadie Sound Check you have probably noticed that the gang has a growing list of demands for our favorite club Nashville SC, most notably Brian’s request for a lazy river inside the stadium. Well here is yet another request for our friends at NSC, 100 songs we demand to be on the game day playlist. Over the next few days Brian Taylor (@ImBrianTaylor) and Dustin Wilmarth (@DustinWilmarth) will take all of you on a musical journey, so buckle in and lets do this.

25 Ska/Reggae songs

1.  Lions by Skip Marley

Bob Marley’s grandson has some SERIOUS talent.

2. Sell out by Reel Big Fish

If you don’t like Reel Big Fish we can’t be friends.

3. Come on Eileen by Save Ferris


4. Take on me by Reel Big Fish

Thank you SKA gods, I’ve been skanking to this all day.

5. Superman by Goldfinger

If you are 18 to 28 you recognize this from Tony Hawks Pro Skater.

6. New girl by Suicide Machines

This too.

7. Cry To Me by Skip Marley

Seriously guys, Skip is the future of Reggae.

8. Make It Bun Them by Skrillex Feat. Damian Marley

Want to pump up the crowd? Skrillex has you covered.

9. Point/counterpoint by Streetlight manifesto

We have dug really deep for this list and we (mostly Brian) have a new found appreciation for SKA

10. (I can’t help) falling in love with you by UB40

This is a CLASSIC soccer song that I’m sure would become a favorite amongst the supporters.

11. Bam Bam by sister Nancy

This song was totally in the Interview so instead of a music video enjoy 30 seconds of the movie (Feat. Kim Jong Un’s ass)

12. Three little birds by Bob Marley

Can totally see The Roadies singing the chorus of this during slower moments of the game.

13. Chase the devil by Max Romeo

I play a lot of GTA V okay….I like this song.

14. Underneath it all by No doubt

FUN FACT: Ted Cruze is YOUNGER than Qwen Stefani… let that sink in…. (Don’t forget to moisturize.)

15. Stars are blind by Paris Hilton

(Dustin made me add this) Turns out she releases mix tapes instead of just sex tapes.

16. The Impression that I get by The Might Mighty Bosstones

*Currently skanking to this bomb ass track*

17. Welcome to Jamrock by Damian Marley

If you don’t scream out the lyrics to the beginning of this song you have no soul.

18. The Arthur theme song by Ziggy Marley

Look….Arthur teaches millions of kids life lessons every day and its TECHNICALLY Reggae sooooo.

19. Angel by Shaggy feat Rayvon

“You know, It’s just Shaggy being a suave motherfucker as always. Yes, I would love to be his darling angel ….” from Anonymous

20. Temperature by Sean Paul

I can barely understand him, but isn’t that why people love Sean Paul in the 1st place?

21. What I got by Sublime

Brian likes Sublime

22. Santeria by Sublime

Seriously I love this band.

23. Who let the dogs out by The Baha men

Whens the last time you watched Rugrats in paris?

24. Panic by Sublime with Rome

*currently wearing a sublime shirt*

25. Mr smiley by Mustard plug

Thats one hell of a name.

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