100 songs we demand be on the Nashville SC game day playlist (51-75)

I don’t speak a word of Icelandic, but most of these are bangers. I understand what they say in these songs more than I do anything Desiigner says. I hope the unofficial HasBeenSports sponsored NSC Player, Bjorn Gudjonsson, appreciates this list. If you have any comments, Bjorn, please let us know. I’m sure you’ll see us this summer.

51. Reykjavik by Emmsjé Gauti

This song sent me into Icelandic music rabbit-hole on YouTube and it’s a Certified Banger.

52. Brennum Allt by Úlfur Úlfur

A grown man riding a small pony through a city with some nice Adidas shoes. Count me in.

53. Auðunn Blöndal by FM95BLÖ

One of the best Backstreet Boys covers I’ve ever heard. Starring everyone’s favorite DJ Muscleboy.

54. Alveg sama (Til í allt II) by Friðrik Dór ft. Steindi Jr. and Bent

Catchy and the music video is absolutely ridiculous. Plus one line is tutti frutti and that’s just adorable.

55. Baraseira by Bent

Another Certified Banger that made me want to ride some sheep.

56. Over Here by Sturla Atlas

One of the only songs in English on this list. 

57. Fullir Vasar by Aron Can

A new song by Aron Can and it is a Certified Banger.

58. 100.000 by Úlfur Úlfur

This song makes me feel good inside and now I want to dance through a field of flowers.

59. Snowin’ by Sturla Atlas

The only other song in English on this list.

60. Þetta má by Emmsjé Gauti ft. Herra Hnetusmjör

New music video. Nice colors. Iceland is really good at colors.

61. No Deal by Alexander Jarl ft. Aron Can

Title in English. Song in Icelandic.

62. Sama Tíma by Birnir

If you pay close enough attention to the full list, you might recognize some of the people in the music video

63. Svona er þetta by Emmsjé Gauti

Nobody has pulled off a yellow rain jacket like that since the Gorton’s Fisherman. Trust me, I’ve tried.

64. HÆPIÐ by Reykjavíkurdætur

Girl power!!!!!

65. Morgunmatur by GKR

I’m pretty sure this song is about cereal.

66. 203 STJÓRINN by Herra Hnetusmjör

This man’s name translates to Mr. Peanutbutter in English.

67. Allt Undir by Alexander Jarl

Who wants to get matching camo jackets with me?

68. Í næsta lífi by xxx Rottweiler hundar

Very strange music video. Like, I would make something like this if I had a mixtape.

69. Þangað Til by Herra Hnetusmjör

Mr. Peanutbutter at it again.

70. Roro by Gílsi Pálmi

This is the guy that beat up Bam Margera a while ago.

71. Skítasker by Stendinn okkar

I think this might be the Icelandic version of the Lonely Island.

72. Daglega by Aron Can

This guy is like 18. What were you doing at 18? How good was your call of duty K/D?

73. Draugar by KÁ/AKÁ ft. Úlfur Úlfur

The man with a gun and a camo car makes me feel at home.

74. Barn by Úlfur Úlfur

This one has subtitles!!

75. Ekkert Vesen by Herra Hnetusmjör

Mr. Peanutbutter don’t pull no punches.

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