If you are a Predators fan you will LOVE Nashville SC.

I was only 5 years old when Nashville played their first season in the NHL. I am apart of the lucky generation that barely remembers a time without the Predators. Some of my favorite childhood memories were watching players like Cliff Ronning, Mike Dunham and David Legwand play in the then named Gaylord entertainment center. (You weren’t cool unless you called it the GEC)

The best part about a new team is that you can have a hand in forming traditions that last decades, all of your favorite Preds traditions started somewhere. Traditions like throwing a catfish on the ice, the “You suck” chant, Cellblock 303, Standing ovations and Thanking Paul McCann every time he announces “there is one minute remaining” started off as a silly thought in someones head.

With Nashville SC moving into a professional league in 2018 those of you that missed out on the chance in ’98 or were too young like me can now help to form a supporters culture unlike any other in U.S. soccer. Nashville is home to some of the most passionate and creative fans in the world and I am beyond excited to see what we can do in the stands for this new club.

You may be saying, “Brian, I don’t know anything about soccer, why should I care? How do we know the club won’t fail?” … Well well well Mr. Negative, let me tell you why. At one point, everyone said the exact same thing about the Predators. It was common for people to be intimidated by the sport and not want to invest into something they knew nothing about. But we all know what happened, the fan culture exploded and evolved into something special. On top of that, the Predators made game days into an event that would be enjoyable even if you had no idea what a cross check was. Slowly but surely all of the hockey haters made their way to a game and 9 times out of 10 they walked away saying “I had fun, when can I come back?”

So Nashville, here is your chance to build something special. The club’s farm team Nashville SC U23 starts amateur play in the PDL this summer with an away friendly in Memphis on May 6th. They will be back home on May 13th when it plays Peachtree city MOBA at Vanderbilt Football stadium. Single game tickets are only $9 and a season ticket runs for as low as $50!

If you are looking to spice up your Match day experience make sure you hit up the NSC Roadies, the clubs first supporters group.


This is essentially the Cellblock 303 of NSC (in fact the two groups have a lot of crossover) they are up for a full 90 minutes singing, banging drums, setting off yellow smoke, and being as rowdy as possible. Check out this quick video about the Roadies and Nashville FC (The club was renamed to Nashville SC for legal reasons) made by Dustin Wilmarth and Aaron Grisham of HasBeenSports from our time as the clubs video and social media crew.

Accounts you want to follow:

First things first, follow the club!


Already following the Roadies? Follow the supporters trust, this is where you will get any information on other supporters groups that may pop up and much more.


Last, but not least you should already be following us! We are the first group to do a dedicated NSC podcast and will be covering the club daily as we go through the 2017 season.


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