Growing up a Predators fan explained in GIFs

I am part of the lucky generation that grew up with the Predators, we have had our ups and downs but its been one hell of a journey.

1997 – 2000

Street hockey.gif

We all had that one friend that had a street hockey kit. Countless hours were spent pretending to be our childhood heroes, like Cliff Ronning, Mike Dunham and Kimmo Timonen.

Paradise .gif

When you finally attended your first Preds game you were absolutely blown away! They had everything, junk food, a mascot, loud noises and more importantly your heroes skating at what looked like 500 miles per hour!

2000 – 2003

we won.gif

A dark period in Nashville Predators hockey, wins were hard to come by and when they boys did win you would flip out! Even through all the losing seasons you never dropped your Preds fandom because you were Nashville through and through.

2003 – 2004 


Finally after all those years of pain the Predators finally made the playoffs! They may have lost in the first round but up until that point you had only seen the Preds in the playoffs while playing video games. PROGRESS!

2004 – 2005 


You learned what a lockout was….

2005 – 2007

come on

You tasted the promise land that is the playoffs only to lose 4-1 in back to back years to the sharks, you wanted more.

Summer 2007


It can’t be, your team can’t be leaving … you begged your parents to buy season tickets, half season tickets, SOMETHING ANYTHING!

2007 – 2010


GOOD NEWS! The team is saved!!!

Bad news … we still can’t win a playoff series.

2010 – 2012 

win patrick.gif


2012 – 2014 

crying n

How did we miss the playoffs two years in a row!? HOW!? Regardless of the constant heartbreak you rep your Preds gear with pride!

2014 – 2016

celebration preds.gif

The pieces are starting to come together, you can tell something special is about to happen.

2016 – 2017


FINALLY, your Preds made it! They are in the Stanley Cup Finals, and on top of that they are receiving the local and national coverage that they deserve! You have been there since the beginning and now it feels so good to be watching the team you love succeed. Enjoy it.




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