SCF Game one recap: Why you shouldn’t be worried.

After a hard fought match the Predators drop game one 5-3 but you shouldn’t be too worried. The boys played an absolutely fantastic game … except for a five minute stretch at the end of the first period, lets break this down.

Early in the first period after dominating play PK Subban sends a rocket into the back of the net, after the celebration calmed down outside of Bridgestone we quickly realized that the play was under review. Personally I can’t see how this could be offside, he appears to still have his toe on the ice but I will let you be the judge.

After this goal was called back the Preds still played relatively well, that is until Neil loses his damn mind and crosschecks a Penguin away from the play. Add that to an interferance penalty infront of the net that led to the first goal of the game on a Pens 5 on 3 power play. In the next 4 minutes Nashville would score an unlucky own goal and let in another goal off a one timer.

After all of that mayhem the Preds brought the game back to a 3-3 tie and didn’t allow a Pittsburgh shot for 30+ minutes.

That is until the Pens scored the game winner.

It doesn’t feel good man, it hurts but newsflash WE WEREN’T GOING TO SWEEP THEM. Nashville was able to hold the defending Stanley Cup Champions shot less for 30 + minutes, thats no easy feat. If Neil and Jarnkrok would have stayed disciplined and the Subban goal would have counted we could be looking at a 2-1 game heading into the 2nd period. Take away the own goal mishap and its 1-1.

Look you can’t blame the loss on the refs or bad luck, stuff happens and teams just have to deal with it. What you can do is look at the things we did well and stay positive, if we fix the silly mistakes we will be just fine in game 2.

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