What PSG could have spent Neymar’s transfer fee on instead.

PSG just signed Brazilian superstar Neymar away from Barcelona for an amazing €222 million euros or approximately $263 million in American dollars. So i thought, why not list a few things I could spend that money on instead.

Lets start small.

  • 18,799,142 packs of Tim Tams on amazon

Tim tams

  • 225,428,571 Cans of SURGE on amazon


  • 13,150,000 shirts from HasBeenSports.com/Store

Adobe Spark (3)

How many cars?

  • 2,560 Tesla model S’s


  • 496 used 1979 Lamborghini’s


Lets get silly

  • The Phoenix Coyotes with 120,000,000 left over (in 2010)




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