Battle of Middle Tennessee

Here we go!!!!!!!!!! It’s that time of year again. OHHHHHHHHHH YEAH it’s the biggest game of the year baby!!! The one we’ve all been waiting for. The Super Bowl of week 1. The battle for Middle Tennessee is upon us once again and this time it’s taking Murfreesboro by storm. So get your grills set up, your beer on ice, and buckle your seat belts because you’re in for a treat.

Saturday night while most of the country is boring themselves with the likes of Alabama vs Florida State or LSU vs BYU or hell even that Orange team out east vs Georgia Tech, the real action is going to be taking place at Floyd Stadium. 7 p.m. CT is when the middle region of this great state will be at each others throats over who will reign supreme.

In one corner we have the Blue Raiders (or Electro Ponies for the HasBeenSports faithful) of Middle Tennessee State University. Finishing the season at 8-5 (5-3 C-USA), MTSU is looking to get a little bit of revenge while also starting the 2017 campaign on a good note. Can baby Stockstill get a W for Papa Stockstill after coming off of shoulder surgery?

In the other corner are the Vanderbilt Commodores (Anchorbilt Medical Degrees…once again for our faithful HBS followers). They are coming off what most would say is a disappointing season at 6-7 (3-5 SEC) but let’s be honest anything close to .500 with a victory over the putrid orange people is good for us (yes I am a Vandy fan people). Ralph Webb is looking to add to his legacy as one of the great running backs in the SEC. Will he be able to do bulldoze the Blue Raider D?

These two teams went to battle last year with Vanderbilt coming out the victors by almost doubling the score on their little brothers to the Southeast 47-24. What will this years gridiron clash provide? Be there to find out………oh and also come on out to the HasBeenSports tailgate where we will be doing all kinds of ratchet things with our friends. Ok, ok it won’t be that crazy but it is still going to be a blast.

Whether it’s #TrueBlue or #AnchorDown show up, show out, and show us who you support this Saturday!!!!!

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