An extremely late reaction to the Preds new jerseys.

Why have you forsaken us Adidas? Did my years of brand loyalty mean nothing to you? Every year growing up I would make my way to Academy to purchase your cleats, basketball shoes, shorts, shirts and whatever else I could get my hands on and this is how you repay me?

Look, I know fans are going to try to justify the way these new jerseys look by saying things like. “We’ve simplified the design for a new sleek look” or “Its not THAT bad in person” but lets face it, our jerseys look like $30 Target off brand mediocrity.

This is our life now fellow Preds fans, the “meh” of the jersey world and the worst part is that we are stuck with it. Lets all just pray to the hockey gods that next season we get a awesome third jersey to make up for this.

In summary, I hate the new jerseys and I cant wait to buy both.

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