Here at HasBeenSports we beg and plea for Nashville SC news all the time so that we have something to talk about when it comes time for Roadie Sound Check. So if you are ever watching or listening to us and we are going off the rails before 8 pm it means we are winging it super hard due to lack of updates.

Welllllllllllllllllll WE HAVE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! All this week all 1779 Members should roll through to NSC HQ and pick up your own version of Wavy McFlag Bannerston (debut coming on tomorrow’s podcast.) Not only will you get your flag but also information about season tickets. To say the least we are excited here at HBS.

Now it comes to this…….is it enough? NO!!!!! Of course not. We will never be satisfied until 1) the USL begins in March 2) a MLS bid is granted to Nashville and 3) We get what we have been asking for since day one………a damn LAZY RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! No lazy river news and Nashville will have a riot (I don’t know how much damage 5 or so people can do but us lazy river enthusiast will find out).

Ok ok I may have went on a tangent there but in all reality every day that goes by is just that much closer to the beginning of the season. A season of 17 home games at the minimum…..a season of non-stop yelling and berating new Garys (no not our Coach….we like that guy)……and a season where we get to see the love of soccer grow within this amazing city.


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