My Problem With Nike Soccer Jerseys

Here at HasBeenSports, we’re no strangers to voicing our opinions on new jerseys from the teams we love. We’ve talked about the Preds and Adidas, and now it’s Nike’s turn.

Tuesday morning, teams that are sponsored by Nike released their third kits for the season. In typical Nike fashion, they all look the same with just minor differences. They’re all the same dark camo color with the name of the team covering the butt on the bottom of the shirt like they’re a pair of Juicy sweatpants from the early 2000’s.

Take every team’s home kit for example. They’re all the same kit with just a little hoop of accent color around the back of the collar. Other than that, they’re all the same. It’s been like that for years. Last year, they all had slightly darker colors along the shoulders and sleeves. Some teams home kits for this year look decent enough, while others look like a Hanes T-shirt with some drawings on them (I’m looking at you, Tottenham).

Someone is going to show their grandparents the shirt they want for Christmas, and their grandparents are going to sort of remember what it looked like. That poor kid is going to ask for a Chelsea shirt and end up with a Tottenham shirt. There is no individuality in these Nike kits, yet they claim each one represents key parts of the team’s culture and identity. Nobody is different. Nobody is special. They’re all Nike.

That being said, if Nike wants to sponsor us, please reach out.

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