Best Sniffs in Nashville

There are some amazing smells in our city, but here are the 10 YOU voted as the best.

I present you the 2017 Sniff list!

10. Fresh Cut Grass at Centennial

  • A historic sniff for a historic park.


9. The GooGoo Cluster store

  • Tucked away on 3rd avenue is a wonderland of smells and delicious treats.


8. Savannah’s candy kitchen

  • *Heavy breathing*


7. Christmas lights / Ice event at Opry

  • He’s making a list, he’s sniffing it twice, he’s gonna find out what places smell nice. Brian loves the smell of CHRISTMAS!

maxresdefault (1).jpg

6. Hattie B’s

  • Honestly, I thought this was gonna be number 1. GREAT SNIFF!


5. Tennessee Titans tailgate

  • Football + BBQ + Beer = quality sniff.


4. Ryman Auditorium

  • Something about that buildings makes chills go up my spine, and nose. So historic.


3. Jacks Bar-B-Que

  • Best BBQ in Nashville


2. Ice level at Predators games

  • Bridgestone arena is the perfect building. Great smells, Great sounds, Great everything!



1. Smoke in the supporters section at Nashville SC matches.

  • Smoke at soccer matches typically means the game is about to kick off, we just scored or we just won. ALL good feelings!



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