MLS to Nashville “confirmed”

At around 2pm a rogue contributor dropped this tweet out of nowhere and lit twitter on fire. Although this has yet to be confirmed by ANYONE other than Mr. Rueter there may be some validity to the “Announcement”. Later today the city is announcing their funding plan for the new stadium at the fairgrounds which the MLS was probably notified on the specifics of days if not weeks ago.

My best guess is the MLS has already decided which two expansion teams will be announced this December and that it leaked via Jeff Rueter. Is it possible the he just made an educated guess in the hopes he got it right and could be the first to announce it? Absolutely. Is it also possible he knows something we don’t? DEFINITELY!

Regardless it is GREAT to see the city of Nashville get so excited over soccer, If you want more coverage of the MLS to Nashville story tune in tomorrow for a special edition of The Roadie Sound Check podcast!

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