This weekend I went on a whim and took a trip down to Talladega. Boy am I glad my girlfriend agreed with winging it. I couldn’t let the chance go by to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. race for his last Talladega race. Hell it was actually my first ‘Dega race and boy was it action packed. Being two rows from the track was even better. Yeah being that close isn’t technically ideal but I’d rather sit down there and experience all the sites, sounds, and smells than sitting at the top just to see the whole track.

Having my headset on listening in to Jr’s radio communication between him, his spotter, and crew chief made the trip so much better. You never hear the raw audio on t.v. Listening in I got to hear F bombs dropped, insults being thrown, and all kinds of racing knowledge. As much as I hate Dale Jr. retiring this year, I am just fine with this new wave of talent rolling through.

So for the rest of this NASCAR season GIVE EM HELL DALE!!!!!!!!

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