Never Too Late To Start

Well this post was going to be sooooooo much better than what this is going to look like right now but I am technologically incompetent when it comes to some things. So instead of delaying this longer than I want because I will end up throwing this computer, I will just post it in whatever form I can get it on here. So here it goes!!!

The three people we have picks from are myself (Jacob Smith), Brian Taylor, and the new guy Robert Krause.

Titans vs Browns: #TITANUP clean sweep from the 3 of us

Bucs vs Bills:  JS- Bucs       BT- Bucs       RK- Bills

Panthers vs Bears: JS- Panthers    BT- Panthers    RK- Bears

Saints vs Packers: JS- Discount     BT- Double Check    RK- Saints

Jaguars vs Colts: JS- Colts    BT- Jags     RK- Jags

Cardinals vs Rams: JS- Cards    BT- Cards    RK- Rams

Jets vs Dolphins: JS- Smoking Cutlers   BT-Jets    RK- Naked Butt Jays

Ravens vs Vikings: Sound the horns!!!! Vikings for the Dub from us three

Cowboys vs 49ers: Bring out your lassos boys. Cowboys rounding up all three of our picks

Bengals vs Steelers: JS- Bengals   BT- Bengals   RK- Steelers

Broncos vs Chargers: The juice is loose!!! If you don’t get that then I’ll make it easy for you. Broncos clean sweep.

Seahawks vs Giants: JS- Giants   BT- Seahawks   RK- Seahawks

Falcons vs Patriots (SB rematch): JS- Falcons   BT- 28-3   RK- Never Forget   (Brian and Robert picked the Patriots)

Redskins vs Eagles: FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!!


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