Tomorrow is a huge step in whether or not Nashville SC continues in its path to getting a stadium approved or not. It may not be a vote but it is a chance for many people whether they are for or against the stadium to voice their opinions on the proposal. I’m 100% I speak for everyone here at HasBeen when I say that we not only want this stadium to happen but need this stadium to happen.

So whatever your plans are tomorrow from hmmmmm let’s say 5:30 pm to 8 pm, cancel them. Come out to the Fairgrounds and let your voice be heard. If you are against it then come out and let us hear it. We’d also like to welcome you to come speak with NSC’s number 1 supporter group The Roadies and let us bring you over to the light side. It’s so much better on this side. Come speak to us HasBeen folk and we can convince you to also let your voice be heard about a lazy river at the stadium.

Where: Creative Arts Building at the Fairgrounds 625 Smith Avenue Nashville, TN 37203

When: 6pm to 8 pm…….but come meet The Roadies and us from HasBeen. We will be marching in like it is game day. We are convening around 5-530pm

Why: Soccer Stadium Public Hearing

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