Week 2……For Us

Here we are again….Another Sunday and more picks are in but before we get into that let’s recap last week.

Holy cow Robert took a commanding lead last week only missing one pick (we are looking at you Mile High City). No wonder he asked if I was keeping up with the records. Coming in second with a record of Jeff Fisher (.500 for you people who don’t know) is Mr. Brian Taylor. Not too shabby there Brian. And coming along on the struggle bus is yours truly. I can’t say that I’m too happy with my 5-9 record but I like to take risks with some picks.

Now for the real reason we are here today. The picks for our Week 2 and Week 8 for the NFL.

Vikings vs Browns:  The Vikings already took care of business in London today and luckily we all picked them. So we all started 1-0 today.

Raiders vs Bills: The Marshawn Lynch’s take care of business today even without him.

Colts vs Bengals:       JS- Bengals       BT- Bengals         RK- Colts

Chargers vs Patriots:    Tom Brady and the Tom Brady’s take care of business.

Bears vs Saints:       JS- Bears      BT- Bears     RK- Saints

Falcons vs Jets:  Time to show why you’re called Matty Ice. Falcons FTW!!

49ers vs Eagles: Not a hard choice here…..Fly Eagles Fly

Panthers vs Buccaneers:     JS- Panthers     BT- Panthers    RK- Bucs

Texans vs Seahawks:      JS- Texans     BT- Texans      RK- I doubt he’ll ever pick against his XBOX green team

Cowboys vs Redskins:     JS- Cowboys      BT- Cowboys      RK- Redskins

Steelers vs Lions:       JS- Lions       BT- Lions     RK- Steelers

Broncos vs Chiefs: Bust out your tomahawks and get to chopping. Chiefs win this one.

Next week I will try to rope in a guest picker to see how good their picking skills are. Enjoy the games.

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