Today the Metro Council’s Budget and Finance Committee met to go over well the monetary aspects of the stadium proposal. People have said tonight would give a good glimpse as to how the vote will go tomorrow when the whole Council comes together and puts the proposal to a vote. What’s at stake you may ask? If the Metro Council votes against the stadium proposal, Nashville can more than likely kiss its chances at getting a MLS team down the drain. Yes, there is a second drawing of two teams next year but everyone is seeing how Nashville is doing their package now and will use it as a platform for theirs. If the votes are in favor for the stadium then indications are Nashville will be one of the two cities picked next month for an expansion team.

MLS commissioner Don Garber has named Nashville multiple times as one of the cities that have been very impressive in their bid process. Having an outstanding showing from fans for both the USA gold cup game and the Premier League match up between Manchester City and Tottenham. The city is radiating when it comes to the support for soccer and especially for Nashville SC. Season tickets surpassed 2000 before it was even open to the general public.

So all of this was to say that the Metro Council Budget and Finance passed the vote 10-3 to send it to the full Metro Council to vote on tomorrow night. If you are wondering what to do tomorrow then I have your plans right here. Get out of the house and come downtown to the courthouse to witness history. It starts at 6 pm so get there a little early to meet up with The Roadies and other NSC enthusiasts.


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