Weekly Pick Em

This may be getting posted a little late but as long as it gets posted before tonight’s game it still counts right?

After 2 weeks of picks the standings still remain the same. We all went 8-4 last week and our records are as follows. Roberto leads the way with a record of 21-5. Brian gets his record to 15-11. Pulling up the rear once again is yours truly with a .500 record at 13-13.

Here are the picks for this week (yes it’s going to read as if I posted this Sunday morning)

Colts vs Texans:   JS- Texans     BT- Colts     RK- Colts

Ravens vs Titans: Come on now…were we really going to go against the Titans…….TITAN UP!!!

Falcons vs Panthers:   Hit the Dirty Bird!!!! Falcons for the dub.

Bengals vs Jaguars:  Unfortunately we all picked “Sacksonville”

Bucs vs Saints:    JS- Who Dat?    BT- Bucs    RK- Who Dat?

Rams vs Giants:   Rams taking this one. Surprise team of the season.

Broncos vs Eagles: FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!

Cardinals vs 49ers:  Larry and Co. help SF become the 0-9ers

Redskins vs Seahawks:    JS- Redskins   BT-Seahawks   RK- Putrid Green

Chiefs vs Cowboys:     JS- Chiefs      BT- Cowboys      RK- Chiefs

Raiders vs Dolphins:   JS- Raiders     BT- Raiders    RK- Dolphins

Lions vs Packers:    JS- Lions    BT- Discount    RK- Broken Check

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