Nashville Secures Stadium Funding

That MMXIII on the Nashville SC crest means something to us. It doesn’t just stand for 2013. It’s where we came from. It’s what we are. It’s what makes this our club. Our club. Not many supporters of teams in this country can say something like this and have it mean as much as it means to Nashville Soccer Club supporters.

Yesterday, on a vote of 31 to 6, Nashville secured the funding for their proposed Major League Soccer stadium. This makes Nashville only the second of the 12 teams challenging for the last four MLS spots to have a set plan for a soccer-specific stadium.

Sure, there were people opposed to it, I get it, but the overwhelming response is that Nashville is ready for this next step. Four years ago, if you told any of us that we would be in this position, we wouldn’t believe you. If you told us this six months ago, we wouldn’t have believed you. The speed that all of this is moving at is incredible. All of this coming from what used to be a little supporter-owned amateur club.

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