Veteran’s Day Weekend Picks

First and foremost thank you to all of the Vets who have served in our great military. The sacrifices you all have made can be unmatched by most. This may not be a perfect country but at least it is a free one. Once again I say THANK YOU!!

Here we are getting into our fourth week of picks and I must say that the standings are starting to get a little tighter. For the first time this “season” Robert showed that he’s not using a professional for his picks (or maybe that’s what he wants us to think). He had a record of 7-5 bringing his total to 28-10 (still first place). Brian is finding his home right in the middle of the 3 man pack with an 8-4 record last week having him settle at 23-15. Bringing up the caboose is yours truly but I am getting closer to moving up in the world. I had a 9-3 record pulling me to a 22-16 overall record.

Now to what you all have come for…….week 4 picks

Bengals vs Titans: TITAN UP!!!!!! Exotic Smashmouth Football all day!!

Texans vs Rams: The Texans continue their slope downhill. Rams with the dub here

Saints vs Bills:       JS: Saints        BT: Bills        RK: Bills

Packers vs Bears:    JS: Bears     BT: Discount     RK: Broken Check

Browns vs Lions: The Lions keep the Browns winless. Dawg Pound bust out the brown bags and cut the eyeholes out.

Steelers vs Colts: Terrible towels win to get ready for the Thursday Night Football matchup with the Titans

Chargers vs Jaguars:    JS: Chargers     BT: Jags     RK: Jags

Jets vs Buccaneers:      JS: Bucs      BT: Jets    RK: Jets

Vikings vs Redskins:    JS: Redskins    BT: Vikes    RK: Vikes

Cowboys vs Falcons:    JS: Falcons    BT: Cowboys    RK: Falcons

Giants vs 49ers:     JS: Niners      BT: Giants       RK: Giants

Patriots vs Broncos: Tom Brady and the Brady’s beat Von Miller and the Miller’s

Dolphins vs Panthers:    JS: Panthers    BT: Dolphins   RK: Panthers

Enjoy the games and remember to tune in tonight for our podcast at 7pm.

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