BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! I have finally gotten out of last place out in our standings. It may have taken me a few weeks but with a few risky picks here and there I have officially moved into second place. Last week I posted an impressive 10-3 record to bring my total up to 32-19. Brian came through with a lack luster 8-5 to move to 31-20 putting him in last place in the standings. Oh and Robert is still in first place after also compiling a 10-3 record bringing his overall total to 38-13.

Here they are people, our picks for HasBeenSports week 5 NFL games:

Texans vs Cardinals:      JS- Texans      BT- Texans    RK- Cards

Lions vs Bears: No worries about any tigers or bears in this one. It’s only Lions, Lions, and Lions OH MY! Detroit with the win.

Ravens vs Packers:     JS- Ravens     BT- Discount    RK- Broken Check

Browns vs Jaguars:     JS- Help Us     BT- Browns!!   RK- Trashsonville

Rams vs Vikings:     JS- Rams       BT- Vikes     RK- Rams

Saints vs Redskins: Who Dat Nation stand up for your team while they get this DUB!!!

Chiefs vs Giants: It’s time for Eli to move on with his life. The Giants are done for good…..KC takes this one

Bucs vs Dolphins: Jay Cutler and the Smoking Jays take this battle of Southern Florida.

Chargers vs Bills:     JS- GO CHAAA-JUHHHHSS!!!   BT- Samesies      RK- Bills

Bengals vs Broncos:  Ummmm Who Dey Nation? Eh whatevs Cincy takes this game

Patriots vs Raiders:    JS- Patriots    BT- Duhhhh Rrrrrraiderrrrrsssss    RK- Pats

Eagles vs Cowboys: FLY EAGLES FLY!!!! No one is going to catch them in the NFC East

Falcons vs Seahawks:  BREAKING NEWS ONCE AGAIN!!!!!! Robert has actually picked against his beloved Seahawks. I know, I know….I am just as shocked as you all are. Oh I picked the Falcons with Robert and Brian picked the Seahawks to win.

Let’s hope for some better games than what the Titans showed us on Thursday. Enjoy your day and break out the tissue boxes because after today Dale Jr. will not be driving full time or possibly ever again. I can’t handle this today. *sniff sniff*

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