Nashville SC USL Jersey Sponsor Annouced

Yesterday, Nashville SC announced that Nissan will be their inaugural jersey sponsor for USL. The announcement also with the release of the dark-colored jersey as well.

460216-f0bc1596bc91e39b148aa52b84a66f1f.pngAlong with all of that, NSC put out a vote for the light-colored jersey and the obvious choice is Armourfuse AZ. The Armourfuse Counter looks alright, but too similar to a lot of other teams in my opinion. And the Armourfuse Pace shouldn’t even be considered. If we’re going to have a light-color jersey, it needs to be gold.

Judging from the reactions on social media, a lot of people seem to like the Armourfuse Pace, but I don’t think they realize we’ve had a team in Nashville wearing gold as their home colors for the last few years. I wouldn’t mind it, just as long as we get a gold home jersey.

That being said, if anyone at the Nashville SC office wants to send me one of these since I never got refunded for having my car booted while I was at the office, that would be cool. Give me a call.


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