HasBeen Hockey Night in Huntsville

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I am truly grateful for all of you. No recaps for the next couple weeks, as I have a longer article coming next week, and was a little too busy this week with my new job to sit down and write a longer article. Also, side-note on that, I will no longer be doing reviews for Preds games as I am now employed by the team as a box office associate.

This week I got the chance to go down to Huntsville, Alabama, to watch some SPHL hockey as the Huntsville Havoc play the Evansville Thunderbolts.

For it being a Thursday/Thanksgiving night game, an outstanding 5,000+ people came to watch the D4 hockey club. Although the Havoc didn’t get the W, I have to give props to the city of Huntsville for supporting their team no matter the day.

Although there were things in-game-wise I would change or improve (I’ll get to that next week), I believe that the Havoc are doing all the right things by their fans. The food was cheap enough that a family of four could eat for less than 20 bucks, and their idea for earning points on an app towards prizes was one of the more clever things I’ve seen in a while.

The product on the ice was great as well. Although the league is not even considered minor leagues for the NHL, the players didn’t show it. Passes were crisp, players played off their strengths and both teams took advantage of their power play opportunities.

I am a firm believer, in most cases, that minor league sports are the most fun and entertaining to watch if you are looking for something that won’t break your bank. So I would like to thank the Huntsville Havoc for making my family’s Thanksgiving a great one.

Thanks for reading everyone! Next week I promise a much larger article. Get ready for some serious salt, and some brutal honesty. Hope you all have a great week! Remember: WE ARE ALL HASBEENS.

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