Playoffs Closing In

Psst…..Psst….Psst Hey Robert I’m getting closer to you. Don’t look now but after leading the group at 9-4 last week I am now overall at 41-23. Only 4 games back from mister “I lead the league every week”. Yeah well Mr. First Place was abysmal last week barely squeaking in over .500 at 7-6 (45-19 overall). Oh and we can’t forget about Brian who is bringing up the rear with an overall record of 39-25 after going 8-5 last week.

This week is going to be interesting with the picks. First off Brian is working his ass off selling shoes and shit so he forgot to send me in his picks. Well looks like he has help this week as I tapped into the knowledge of my girlfriend and we shall see how well Brian’s picks go. The other thing is that this is the first week that someone has predicted a tie. If this happens then I give up and this person will win the whole thing. Who is it you may ask? Well keep reading and you will find out.

Titans vs Colts: Come on now do you really think we are going to pick against the Titans at this point in the season. TITAN UP!!!!

Bucs vs Falcons: Tampa might be a little too wrapped up in the investigation that is Jameis “Crab Legs” Winston. Falcons win this one.

Browns vs Bengals:      JS- Bengals        BT-  Toilet Bowl     RK- Doo Doo Browns

Bills vs Chiefs:      JS- Bills     BT- Chiefs   RK- Here it is……TIE!!!!!!

Dolphins vs Patriots: Butt Naked Jay freezes his ass off. Tom Brady and the Bradys win with ease.

Panthers vs Jets: SuperCam comes back to take down the Jets.

Bears vs Eagles:    JS- Philly      BT- Bears    RK- Philly

Seahawks vs 49ers: I usually pick against Seattle no matter what but I can’t do it this week. So here we go, we are all in for the Putrid Green to pick up the Dub here.

Saints vs Rams:    JS- Rams      BT- Nawlins     RK- Who Dat?

Jaguars vs Cardinals:    JS- Cards      BT- Sacksonville    RK- Sacktown

Broncos vs Raiders:     JS- Daaaa Raiderrrrrrrrs    BT- Broncos   RK- Duhhhhhhh Rrrrraiiidddderrrrsss

Packers vs Steelers:   JS- Discount    BT- Handley Check   RK- Towels

Texans vs Ravens:    JS- FlacTown     BT- Texans   RK-FlacMan

Well there you have it folks……Our first pick that is a tie. Tune in to see if Robert breaks the internet and is right with a tie, see if I can inch closer to first place, and see if my girlfriend can make better picks than Brian. Enjoy!!!!

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