Boy oh boy was there some crazy shit going down yesterday in the world of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville football. First and foremost as a Vanderbilt fan I was loving every single moment of the whole fiasco. I wish it was still ongoing. I mean it still is but then again i’s not as wild as it was. It was super rough for me trying to live tweet the Predators game, watch the Titans game, and keep up with the news.

For any of you that may have been under a rock, UT Football has been searching for their next Head Coach to replace the treacherous Butch Jones. There have been plenty of names that have been thrown around for the job including Scott Frost from UCF, Mike Gundy from Oklahoma State, Dan Mullen from Miss St (now HC at Florida), David Cutcliffe from Duke, and let’s not forget about every Vol fan’s favorite hashtag #Grumors Mr. Jon Gruden.

From that list there are so many choices and any of them would have been a good pick. Which way did the athletic director go you ask? Greg Schiano, current Ohio State Defensive Coordinator and former Head Coach for Rutgers (whatever weight that may carry). One thing that Mr. Currie decided to skip over is the fact that Greg has been brought up on the child molestation story from Penn State. Whether he knew or he didn’t know, the fact that he has any ties to the story is condemning enough.

So once the news dropped that he was the choice. Vol Nation went absolutely HAM SAMMICH!!!!! Twitter may have blown up worse than either time the Beyonce announced the she was pregnant. Fans were threatening to jump ship, people marched on campus calling not only for Schiano not to be hired but also Currie to be fired. Well it looks like they got half of what they wished and the SchiaNO deal fell through. Good job people out east. You did well.

Now it’s back to the drawing boards for the team out there that might as well be a part of North Carolina or Virginia. Whoever they decide to hire next will have a lot to deal with.

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