We Have A Challenge Folks

I told everyone and I told you, Senor Roberto, that I was coming for you. *Enzo Amore voice* Well watta we have ova here? A cup uh haituhs. Your boy is now tied for first place. If it wasn’t for the damn Steelers barely beating Green Bay then I would have swept last week. It’s all good with only missing one game, my record pulls in to a tie with 53-24. I’m sure that wasn’t the tie that Robert was predicting last week when he though KC and Buffalo would come to a stale mate. He came through with an 8-5 record last week. With my girlfriend making the picks for Brian last week, he drops even further in the cellar. Last week was 4-9 for him, putting him at 43-34.

Who will come out this week with the lead? Well we know it won’t be Brian but I mean at least he is trying haha. Check out our picks and follow along with us as the season comes one week closer to the end.

Titans vs Texans: You already know what it is. AFC South Division leaders pulling out another win. TITAN UP!!!!!

Vikings vs Falcons: Sound the horns!!! Vikes show Matt Ryan that they are the true masters of Ice. Minnesota for the DUB!

Lions vs Ravens:      JS- Lions      BT- B-More    RK- Lions

Patriots vs Bills:     JS- BUFF       BT- Tom Brady     RK- and The Brady Bunch

49ers vs Bears: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bears!!

Bucs vs Packers: So Rodgers is practicing again. Hundley keeps the Packs playoff hopes alive and get it done here.

Colts vs Jaguars:    JS- Colts     BT- Sacksonville    RK- Sacktown    (Really guys? We need the Colts to win)

Broncos vs Dolphins:    JS- Your my boy JAY!!!!!   BT- Broncos    RK- Smoking Jays

Chiefs vs Jets:     JS- Tomahawks     BT- Chop On     RK- American Airlines

Browns vs Chargers:    JS- COME ON BROWNS!!!!!    BT- Goooooo     RK- Chahhhhhjuhhhssss

Panthers vs Saints:    JS- Who Dat Nation    BT- Super Cam     RK- To the Rescue

Rams vs Cardinals:   JS- Rams     BT- Cards     RK- Rams

Giants vs Raiders: Duhhhhhhhhhh Rrrrrrraiiiiidddddeeerrrssss win and send McAdoo home on his on flight. Giants fire him before he gets on the plane.

Eagles vs Seahawks: FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!

Steelers vs Bengals:    JS- Cincy      BT- Cheeseburgers     RK- Rowengardners

There you have it folks. Who is going to come out the leader of the group after this weeks picks? Will Robert pull back in front or will I get my first taste of being in first place on my own? Oh and there’s always Brian’s picks too. Enjoy the games!!

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