Saturday Sports Sitdown 1.0

Hello everyone!

Back again after a week off. I promise I’m not trying to make this a bi-weekly article, life just gets in the way sometimes.

Anyways, here are some of the more important things that have happened in the world of sports in Tennessee since the last time we spoke.


UTenn Hires Saban Disciple Pruitt


Oh, how glad was I when I heard that we can finally put all of the “Grumors” to rest. After the fiasco that was the Greg Schiano announcement and subsequent reaction, UTenn probably came away with the most middle-of-the-road outcome imaginable.

Taking a Saban Disciple is as original as a band singing about a bad breakup. The question now moves from, “who will coach?” to, “how will Pruitt do? Will he screw up?”

One thing that I want to stress to every Vols Fan reading this is: YOU WILL NOT WIN THE EAST NEXT YEAR. Give Pruitt at least two-to-three years to figure stuff out and recruit the talent he can fit his defensive-minded system.

From the looks of Pruitt under Saban, he has a brilliant defensive mind. The answer to his offensive success lies in the staff that he hires. If he surrounds himself with an excellent core of coordinators, the Vols will be playing in AT LEAST the Music City Bowl next year.

MLS meets with Nashville, Sacramento, Cincy and Detroit

Photo by Daniel Smith/Getty Images

First of all, let’s be real, Detroit is there only to make it look less obvious. Earlier this week Don and his exec friends met with the “four” finalist cities for the next two expansion spots to be announced later this month.

Of the “four” all minds are in general consensus that Sacramento is in, barring some screwing over by Don AGAIN. The other consensus is that it is Nashville vs. Cincy for the second spot.

Now, this is all I will say on this topic because I’m a little too biased. Nashville has all of their stuff together, Cincy, on the other hand, is barely getting it all done. It is our time. GIVE US MLS.

NHL to Seattle????


Earlier this month, Seattle got the vote they have been waiting to get for many years. Seattle now has the funding to make Key Arena (for now) a viable arena for both NBA and NHL to occupy. Our good friend Gary Bettman has already said that the NHL will consider Seattle as another expansion team as long as the ownership group applies and pays the fees.

As a former Seattleite, and overall hockey fan, I say DO IT BETTMAN. From a pure hockey fan standpoint, adding more regional rivalries to the game not only improves the fan experience, it can also help the level of play for the entire league. Rivals play each other with extra oomph when they do meet, case and point Nashville vs. the Red Shirts.

The other positive factor is the fans. Let Seattle and Vancouver create a mini-Cascadia Cup while they wait for Portland to get their team. Let Seattle and Vancouver bring MLS-esque supporter group fandom to the NHL. Give Nashville a rival when it comes to being the loudest fans.

There are no downsides to this move. The balance of the league is easy to fix, or if I am not mistaken is fixed by this move.


Well, those are what I thought were the main talking point this week for sports in and out of Tennessee. I’ll talk to you all later, and remember WE ARE ALL HASBEENS.

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