Hungover Picks

Sooooooooooo this definitely is getting posted a few hours late. My girlfriend threw a surprise party for my birthday and I’m sure you can imagine why this is late. There’s not going to be a whole lot of words in this one because frankly I just don’t care today haha. After I talked a bunch of shit against Robert last week, he killed it going 11-4 last week bringing his total to 64-28. I went in the wrong direction with 7-8, moving back in to second place at 60-32. Oh and Brian is still in third going 9-6 and 52-40 overall. Here’s our picks for the week…..ENJOY!!!

Titans vs Cardinals: You already know what it is. GO TITANS GO!!!!

Colts vs Bills: Circle the wagon Bills fans, or whatever they say up there. It’s a blizzard so what does it matter lol.

Vikings vs Panthers:    JS- Super Cam     BT- Panthers     RK- Vikes

Bears vs Bengals: Andy Dalton and the Ginger tigers win this one

Packers vs Browns:      JS- I will pick the Browns until they win a game. Come on CLE     BT- Discount      RK- Broken Check

49ers vs Texans:   JS- San Fran    BT- Texans     RK- Texans

Raiders vs Chiefs:    JS- Chiefs    BT- Duhhhhhh    RK- RRRRaaaaaiiiidddeeerrrrsssss

Lions vs Bucs: Robert didn’t give his pick for this game so I’m going to go ahead and say he took an L. Me and Brian chose the Bucs (this will probably be updated when Robert gives me his pick

Cowboys vs Giants:    JS- Giants     BT- Giants   RK- Cowgirls

Jets vs Broncos:  Broncos take the Dub on this one

Redskins vs Chargers:    JS- Redskins    BT- Redskins    RK- Chargers

Seahawks vs Jaguars: The Legion of Boom puts Sacksonville in check.

Eagles vs Rams:    JS- Rams    BT- Eagles   RK- Rams

Ravens vs Steelers:   JS- Ravens   BT- Steelers    RK- Steelers

Patriots vs Dolphins: The Brady Bunch take care of business against the Smoking Jays

Enjoy the games and check out the podcast tonight at 7pm CT.


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