HasBeen Sports Saturday Sitdown 2.3: NASHVILLE IS SOCCER CITY

Hey Everyone!

Maybe this will be a bi-weekly thing, maybe it won’t. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Now there have been some HUGE announcements this week.

I will try to do my best to cover the little stuff as well, but as you can see by the title this article is gonna be dominated by that news.

This article may not be my best, but know that I am still processing the week that was. So excuse my scatterbrain and lack of depth.


Titans lost to the 49ers this week. No, that is not a typo.

Not only did they lose, they made Garoppolo look like Tom Brady at points.

The offense has looked atrocious the last couple weeks and Mariota is starting to turn the ball over at a rate that would make Jay Cutler smile.

The Titans had a chance to make their NYE matchup against the Jags a winner-take-all game.

Instead they’d be lucky win a game in the next two weeks, let alone get into the playoffs.


If you’ve seen or read any of our content you know I am a Seahawks fan as I moved from the area to call this city home.

After this past week I have to say that I’ve never been so disappointed by the play of the boys in action green.

Maybe it’s time for Pete to give Bevel up and start over with a new OC.

At the very least the Hawks next draft should be entirely made of OLinemen who can pass and run block.


IT HAPPENED. What seemed a pipe dream only a year ago, has happened. December 20 the year of our lord 2017, will always be remembered as the day the MLS made their best move since admitting the Sounders in 09.

Don Garber took to the podium at the Country Music Hall of Fame and announced Nashville as the host of the MLS’ 24 club.

Again, not a typo. Not only did he announce Nashville, but he announced Nashville as club 24.

This opens up the option of Nashville starting play in 2019, if it comes to that. No matter when Nashville starts, the history books will remember Nashville as MLS 24.

Don, you fell in love with us for a reason. It’s our turn to show that love was not misplaced


So, to you founders of NSC, Roadies and other individuals involved with NSC: THANK YOU. Without your incredible vision and tenacity to bring the beautiful game to Nashville, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article. You set out to create a club to compete at the highest level. What has evolved out of this vision is a family that brings the best people of Nashville together. A family changes and saves lives. A family that takes pride in their community and a family that is just that. A family. When I first came to Nashville, on a whim mind you, there was one constant fear in my mind. The fear of not feeling like I belong here. This organization, and more importantly, the people has eradicated that fear.

We owe you more than we can ever repay. #COYBIG #OURTownOURClub

Happy Holidays HasBeens!!!

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