Holly Jolly Christmas Eve Picks

Due to us being lazy and not getting our picks in, last week just didn’t count in our books. So I had to go back to weeks to figure out what our records are. Much like most of the season Robert is your leader, with me trailing in second, and Bryan Tailor (you’d have to be in our group chat to know) pulling up the rear. So it’s going to come down to the last two weeks to find out who our regular season champ it. Not only are me and Robert battling it out with our picks, we are also battling it out in the HasBeenSports fantasy football league championship. The records are as follows: RK->72-35 JS->66-41 BT->57-50

And for the stuff you all have been waiting for. OUR PICKS!!!

Titans vs Rams:     JS- TITAN UP      BT- Rams     RK- Rams

Bucs vs Panthers: Super Cam lets the Bucs know that they can watch film all they want but they can’t stop him. Carolina for the win

Browns vs Bears:     JS- First and Only win for Cleveland    BT- Bears    RK- Toilet Bowl Browns

Lions vs Bengals:    JS- Lions     BT- Cincy    RK- Lions

Dolphins vs Chiefs:   JS- Miami    BT- Tomahawk    RK- Chop

Bills vs Patriots: Tom Brady and the Brady bunch get it done without the refs help this weeks

Falcons vs Saints:   JS- ATL      BT- ATL    RK- Nawlins

Chargers vs Jets: J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!

Broncos vs Redskins:   JS- DEN    BT- DEN    RK- Redskins

Jags vs 49ers:     JS- 9ers    BT- Jax    RK- Jax

Giants vs Cardinals: The desert birds get it done and take down Eli

Seahawks vs Cowboys:   JS- DAL   BT- Seattle  RK- Cowgirls (picked against his own team)

Steelers vs Texans: Is this even going to be a fair fight? Big Ben takes care of business in the first half

Raiders vs Eagles: Even without Carson Wentz the Eagles will take care of business again

Well there you have it folks. Happy Holidays to everyone out there reading this. See you next week

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