Win and They Are In: NYE Edition

Here we are folks, the last week of the regular season. Most of the spots are set and we are ready to get things starts but there are four teams fighting for the final two spots in the AFC. Baltimore and Tennessee are in the “Win and you are in” category. Then you have Buffalo and the Chargers who first have to win their games and hope for some other teams to lose. It’s going to be a crazy afternoon.

Here at HasBeen things are looking more clear for the regular season championship picture. Our Saturday contributor, Robert, has been killing it all year and now has an 81-40 record. It’s his title to lose this week. Yours truly is in second with a 72-49 overall record and when you look at the picks this week you will see that I have 10 picks that are different from Robert’s. To be honest I didn’t do it on purpose but if I win this in the final week I will claim that I did hahaha. Oh and pulling up the rear is your friendly, neighborhood H&M model Brian with at 67-54 record. Check out the picks and enjoy the games people.

Titans vs Jaguars:     JS- Titan Up      BT- Playoffs here we come      RK- Jax….he has admitted that he hopes he’s wrong

Packers vs Lions:     JS- Lions         BT- Discount       RK- IR check

Texans vs Colts:     JS- Texans     BT- Texans      RK- Colts

Bears vs Vikings:    JS- Bears     BT- Vikes        RK- Vikes

Jets vs Patriots: Tom Brady probably plays one or two series and they still move on into the playoffs with ease

Redskins vs Giants: Will this be the last time we see Eli in a Giants uniform? If so, it will come with a loss

Cowboys vs Eagles:    JS- Cowboys      BT- Philly     RK- Philly

Browns vs Steelers:  Looks like the Browns will be joining the Lions in the winless season column. It’s a damn shame but I guess someone has to do it

Panthers vs Falcons:   JS- ATL      BT- Super Cam     RK- Panthers

Bengals vs Ravens:     JS- Cincy    BT- Baltimore     RK- B’More

Bills vs Dolphins:     JS- Bills      BT- Jay Cutler      RK- Smoking Jays

Saints vs Bucs:      JS- Who Dat       BT- TB      RK- Nawlins

Chiefs vs Broncos: Get those arms ready to Tomahawk chop all the way to the playoffs

Raiders vs Chargers:    JS- Chargers     BT- Vegas….I meant Oakland    RK- Chargers

49ers vs Rams:    JS- 9ers       BT- San Fran     RK- Rams

Cardinals vs Seahawks:   JS- Seattle    BT- Seattle    RK- Cards

Well there you have it folks. Yes I picked the exact scenario that the Titans would need to happen to miss the playoffs should they lose but they are going to win so no worries. Have a great New Years Eve, be safe, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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