Saturday Sounds Scorecard 1.0: Sounds 101, and Player Profile 1


With a new season, comes a new series of articles from your favorite Saturday Contributor. This time, the sole focus of the season is on the Nashville Sounds.

For those of you unacquainted with Minor League Baseball, welcome, it is a lot of fun as you will see. Today’s article will be an introductory one, as I’m sure some readers will not be all too familiar with Minor League Baseball.

Sounds 101:

The Nashville Sounds play in the Pacific Coast League (PCL) of the Triple-A level.

The Triple-A level of Baseball is one lower than Major League Baseball. Players in this level are on their way up to the majors, recovering from injuries, getting out of slumps, or are getting playing time while their field position is occupied by too many other players.

Each Triple-A club is affiliate with a Major League team and act as the developmental for each franchise. Nashville is affiliated with the American League West’s Oakland Athletics.

Oakland Athletics

In the PCL, the Sounds play in the American Southern Division.

The other teams in their division are the Memphis Redbirds (St. Louis Cardinals), Round Rock Express (Texas Rangers), and the New Orleans Baby Cakes (Miami Marlins), a favorite rival of the HasBeen group.

The Sounds season will run from early April to early September, similar to the MLB. The season is set to have 142 games this season, but that number may fluctuate based on weather cancellations.

There will be a lot of movement within the roster, as the MLB parent club can promote, or demote, players whenever they deem necessary. We’ll go more into depth about that whenever a transaction happens within the season.

I feel like this is a good stopping point for this week. I don’t really want to throw too much at you guys at one time. Again, this is a quick introductory article, as we still have some time before the season starts to go more in-depth about any topics that need exploration.

Player Profile:

Another new thing I’m going to do for all of you newcomers to the team, is what I am going to call the Player Profile.

When the number of the article matches a player on the roster, they will be profiled at the bottom of each article. This not only introduces long-tenured Sounds to new readers, but also gives new call-ups the spotlight for the first time.

Lucky for us, even though the official roster hasn’t been announced, there is a number 1 still listed on the website. So, that is good enough for Melvin Mercedes to be our first Player Profile!

Melvin Mercedes, 2B, photo from Nashville Sounds Website.

Mercedes, born January 1992, in New York, has been in the minors since 2012. He has played on six teams, all within the Oakland minor league pipeline, reaching Nashville for the first time last season. Mercedes appeared in 62 games for the Sounds picking up 43 hits, 14 runs batted in (RBIs), 29 walks, and accumulated a batting average of .238.

Whether or not Mercedes will begin the season with Nashville is still yet to be seen, but the growth he has shown over the last six years seems to trend upward. Look for this second baseman to be a solid field player while being a solid second, or seventh, spot hitter. Also look for him to get his first PCL homer this year.

Well, I hope you guys liked the start of this new journey with me. Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions how I can improve this series. Remember, WE ARE ALL HASBEENS.

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