Saturday Sounds Scorecard 3.0: WHAT DAY IS IT?? (Sounds Announce Roster)

Hello Baseball Fans!

WHAT DAY IS IT?? Monday now, I meant to write this on Sunday, but I took a much needed rest day on Easter Sunday.

Anyway, the Sounds have finally released their roster, well at least the potential opening day one (Changes are still possible). HERE IT IS. (Click the link on “HERE”)

What will follow will be my prediction of opening day fielding lineup (I’m terrible at predicting the batting order) and my picks for Star, Surprise and Slumper. LET’S GO.

After Looking at the roster and some quick statistical analysis, here are how I see the Sounds setting the field this Thursday in the Big Easy against our favorite food-named opponents, the Baby Cakes.

Left Field- B.J. Boyd

Center Field- Dustin Fowler

Right Field- Slade Heathcott (my favorite name on the roster)

Third Base- Sheldon Neuse

Shortstop- Franklin Barreto

Second Base- Steve Lombardozzi

First Base- Mark Canha

Catcher- Beau Taylor

Starting Pitcher- Frankie Montas

How did I come up with this line-up? Well most of it was determined by what positions the players all primarily started at last season. Some are educated guesses, such as the starting Pitcher being Frankie Montas. Montas started the most games last season out of the remaining pitchers on the roster (which, again, may change between now and Thursday). Is this how new manager Fran Riordan will line up the boys in red? Are there any injuries that I don’t know about? Only time will tell.


The following are three players I feel will be a Star, Surprise and, unfortunately a Slumper

STAR: Franklin Barreto– If any Sounds player was ready for the big leagues it is Franklin Barreto. Boasting the highest batting average on the Sounds at .290 (with at least 100 at bats), and only committing 21 errors in 456 fielding opportunities playing both Shortstop and Second Base, Barreto has shown he has all the tools for the big leagues.

This was also acknowledged by the A’s who brought Barreto up for 25 appearances in Oakland last year. The only thing stopping this kid from being permanently up in Oakland is the depth the A’s have at Shortstop and Second Base. If Barreto is still in Nashville by season’s end I would be shocked.

SURPRISE: MARK CANHA If I was doing this last year, Canha would have been a Slumper. Although he had a decent year with his batting average (.283), Canha struggled to get hits and RBIs. This year, I feel like Canha will be the major surprise for the Sounds. I feel confident enough in this pick that I will say he will lead the Sounds in batting average AND RBIs.

This year, I feel like Canha will be the major surprise for the Sounds. I feel confident enough in this pick that I will say he will lead the Sounds in batting average AND RBIs.

SLUMPER: BEAU TAYLOR- Here’s last years’ surprise for me. The young catcher showed a lot of promise last year. This year, with the addition of Dustin Garneau, I see Taylor getting less appearances, and even still, less hits. I see Taylor splitting time between Nashville and Midland, like he did last year. Sorry bud.

Well That should do it for me this week. I am so excited to see how this season folds out, and for the opener on Thursday. I have my tickets for the home opener, do you? As always, REMEMBER, WE ARE ALL HASBEENS.

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