Hear Me Out | Korean Baseball League

Let me preface this before I start. I have only seen a live professional baseball game in two countries in my life and that was in the U.S. and in South Korea. With that being said……the Korean Baseball League has the best baseball atmosphere in the world…….HEAR ME OUT

  1. You can bring in whatever you can carry from the market that is literally spitting distance to the stadium……well at the least the one I went to in Busan, South Korea. I saw people bring in 24 packs over their shoulders
  2. Fans are on the edge of their seats for every pitch. If it comes off the bat and it’s down the line you will hear everyone in the stadium yell Ahhhhhhhh at the same time
  3. Songs for individual players. Even though this guy plays for a different team now. Catcher Kang Min-Oh had his own personal song. In Busan his song was: Lotte (Low Tay) Kang Min-Oh, Kang Min-Oh

Once again I have only seen games in two countries. So if you don’t like my opinion then fight me!!! Jk Jk just a smug high five will work.

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