The 3 DONT’S of Shit Talking

As the official social media shit talker of HasBeenSports I know a thing or two about what to say and do when confronted with another fan base. I also know a thing or two about what makes you look like a complete idiot… Avoid these three things and you should be okay.

Don’t attack anyone personally. 
Don’t be this guy…much like sports, shit talking is meant to be fun. Someone saying your team sucks doesn’t mean they deserve death threats… Chill the fuck out.
giphy (66).gif

Don’t bring up your history when you are losing.
If your team beats the hell out of it’s rival you are allowed to use that in shit talking UNTIL the next game… then it no longer matters. The 5 goals you dropped on them last game means nothing if you are losing 4-1. Oh and your past trophies cant score goals, throw touchdowns or shoot a ball … so when you are getting your ass handed to you and you pull out the “Cups” argument you’re admitting defeat. Save that shit for the offseason when we are all bored and just want to fight.
giphy (67).gif

Don’t let a bad performance ruin the fun.
Your team is going to lose…you’re going to have a bad season and OH BOY every other fan base will make sure you know. Self deprecation can be pretty therapeutic and keep you from complete radio silence in the sports social media game. “But, how do I deal with other fans in my inbox” you may ask. Shut up I was getting to that…Insult their team in a way that has NOTHING to do with the play on the field. They hit you with a “Your team sucks” you return fire with “Yeeeah, you really got us this game… by the way, why does your mascot look like the love child of Elmo and Jabba the Hut?”
giphy (68).gif

Follow these tips and you can be a garbage human being just like yours truly!giphy (69).gif

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