Dear #VolTwitter,

#VolTwitter. The most formidable internet sports gang, strong enough to halt head coaching hires, and always featured alongside of any national storyline Tennessee is involved with. Ever since Butch Jones was adamant that he doesn’t “really listen to anything” in the media, they have found power in the fact that he absolutely did watch everything on Twitter that was happening around his failing program.

Through that one quote, people have gathered mass followings, started podcasts based on shirtless rants in cow field (looking at you Jon Reed), and become egotistic because they could grab 25 likes on some scalding hot take. On the other hand, they banded together to stop Greg Schiano from becoming our head coach. Sure, it’s really because he’s a shit coach (see also: Schiano wasn’t OSU’s interim coach for the first three weeks this year), but there was a good moral high ground to take in connection to his potential knowledge of what happened with all the Sandusky stuff. Whatever. The main key is that he gets hired if #VolTwitter doesn’t rally outside of the athletic department and blow it all up into some giant ordeal.

But it’s after the 2018 season now. We have a new head coach with a year under his belt. He’s a real football guy. And the one thing that #VolTwitter just absolutely cannot get a handle on, is that Jeremy Pruitt does not give one single fuck about Twitter or about what anybody says about him, his team, and his search for a new Offensive Coordinator. Not one. All of these takes have no effect on him, Fulmer, or anyone else making decisions.

So #VolTwitter quit acting like they might. It worked once for a narcissistic lover of flat tops, five star hearts, and leadership reps. Now there’s a real football coach in charge and it’s time to act like it. So sit back, shut up, and just be a fan for the first time in a lot of years.

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