Not to Bring Up the Topic of the NHL Winter Classic in Knoxville Again, but…

Remember that wild idea of the Winter Classic being played in Knoxville with the Preds wearing some sort of orange color for UT? I have a better idea.

Hear me out.

The winter classic should be played on the moon. You could get special jerseys for it all.  Buzz Aldrin could do the puck drop.

I would settle for an All Star Game as well. Think about the skills competition beforehand. Imagine how fast those guys would be.

It makes so much sense. Just think of some of the benefits.

  • It’s cold.
  • The moon is in space and the Stars are from Dallas and stars are also in space like the moon.
  • First ever game on the ACTUAL MOON.
  • NHL would make so much money.
  • Not having to get an Airbnb.
  • Moon Tesla(?????)

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