The Biggest Nashville Event EVER!

As a Fan, it feels like I have been waiting for this my entire life. If you would’ve
told me ten years ago that on this day in April in the year of our Lord 2019, I
would see something like I am about to I would’ve laughed. Me? A nobody from a
nowhere town like Nashville? That I would get to participate in something on such
a scale….

Not in my wildest dreams.
But here we are.

I sit with great anticipation on the eve of the 25th of April, there is a buzz in the
air. It may even be the entire world awaiting this event to happen. All the effort put
into place, all the build up, all the theories…our questions will be answered.
What will happen to this person? Or even that person?
Where will this person end up?
Who will win this thing?
This is what it’s all about.

Our city of Nashville has come a long way….
I remember the old days. I remember the uncomfortable seats, the inability to see
through the person in front of you. It was horrible. But as our city grew…so did our

I thank the Lord above…….

……that we are in the Endgame now.

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor…..the Hulk? Are you kidding me? The
culmination of 22 movies and other tv shows and even those one shots? Remember
those? How the heck will they beat Thanos?

Man, I can’t wait to sit in those upgraded reclining seats at the Opry Mills theater.
(6pm, look for me.) The way they’ve managed to build these theaters where there’s
no one blocking your vantage point is a modern architectural achievement.
It’s going to be epic. And I will be there. I will remember forever where I was
when the premiere of Avengers: Endgame began.
As for the other thing happening in Nashville that night…it’s pretty cool I guess.
And don’t worry, my love for the Titans and the draft have not changed. I was spot
on last year in my predictions. But really…who cares?
You don’t need another mock draft, you have a billion on twitter right
now….seriously, go and check.
What do you really care about more? If the titans take DT Dexter Lawrence from
Clemson with the 19th pick or if we will get to see the Avengers avenge some
stuff? Do you really care where Kyler Murray is going to play QB? Or do you care
to discover if Dr. Strange’s visions of the 14 million outcomes with the 1 where
they would win actually had Star Lord screwing up and that’s why Dr. Strange
allowed it happen. Do you really care about a 4th round titans pick? Can you name
last year’s without looking it up? Or do you care if Gamora is really dead?
The draft hitting Nashville highlighting the cities growth and importance in the
sports world as we push on the title of sports town next to Music City, the Athens
of the South and most importantly the Hot Chicken capital of the world (Prince’s
over Hattie B’s all day) is absolutely amazing. And if you’re venturing out
downtown to experience it that’s awesome too. Either way, I’ll be sitting in a dark
room with a bunch of like-minded sweaties cheering and crying….not all too
different to what it’s like watching my favorite sports teams come playoff time.
Preds burn. Besides, you don’t know if I won’t be there or not. It’s sort of like the
Music City Miracle, I until this day can’t believe 17 million people were packed in
the then Adelphia Coliseum.
So there you have it, my 2019 NFL draft preview.


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