Not Everything Is The End Of The World

I’ll keep this one short, a lot of y’all just like to freak out at literally anything Nashville SC or The Backline does, and no … I’m not talking to our rivals here. I’m talking to our own fans.

Whether it be the #EveryoneN hashtag, the shade of gold, Tifo or more recently the banger of an anthem written by Judah & The Lion.

Everything seems to be the end of the world in the moment, everything is the WORST thing any soccer club has ever done, but a few days pass and game day comes up and poof, the problems are gone.

Look, I’m not saying you have to like every decision the club or the supporters make. But y’all need to stop acting like the sky is falling whenever there is something you don’t like. If enough people agree with you it will fade away.

Does anyone remember kazoos from the NPSL days? It was funny as hell for a few games but after a bit it got old and wasn’t really catching on, Sooooo it naturally faded away when other better ideas were put forward. That’s how this works.

I love you all, nobody take this personally. Ya boy is just venting.

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