Nashville SC Attendance Will Be Just Fine

With the ticket sales nearing 50k for the home opener and the bottom bowl nearing capacity for the game #2 I’ve been thinking a lot about the claims out of a certain orange and blue chili loving fan base that Nashville “has no fans”.

All jokes aside, I’m not expecting Nashville SC to sell 50k, 40k or even 30k every single match.

With every move up in the US soccer pyramid, Nashville SC has been just about average when it came to attendance. For the first couple of years look for an average of 20 to 25k for a non rivalry matchups and 40 to 45k for games against Cincinnati and Atlanta.

All we need to focus on right now is building an in game atmosphere that turns the casual fan into a hardcore one. If we can do that in the first couple of seasons playing at Nissan Stadium we will sell out the fairgrounds stadium on a weekly basis.

Step one of doing that is learning every word of our club anthem and getting ready to sing it as loud as you can at the home opener!