So You Bought Supporter Section Tickets…

With how massive The Supporters Section is going to be this Saturday (8 FULL SECTIONS) I wanted to give a brief description on what to expect…

DO NOT show up in another teams colors… It is policy across US soccer and in The Backline that opposing team colors are not allowed in the supporters section. We are here to cheer, sing and support NASHVILLE so make sure at the very least you don’t wear red on matchday.

The Supporters Section is a STANDING section… being in the supporters section makes you APART of the action, you have a very important job on match day. Don’t plan on bitching about someone in front of you standing, you wont win that fight.

You view may be obstructed by flags… In the supporters section we often have flags and banners waving periodically throughout the match, Nashville fans have always been understanding about not doing this constantly so you shouldn’t miss too much of the action.

We let a couple of flip words fly… Don’t swearing? Too fucking bad. Jokes aside, being the starting point of the passion in the stadium the supporter section has been know to use some colorful language. By colorful language we mean your standard swears, NOTHING hateful or bigoted. If someone near you is being hateful please contact an usher, this goes against The Backline’s code of conduct and wont be tolerated

Last but not least, BE LOUD… On match day we have a job, the supporters section is there to sing as loud as they can for a full 90 mins. Doesn’t matter if we are up 5 or down 5, like our club anthem says “I (we) will never give up on you”

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