It sure felt good to have some NFL football back this past week. I found myself screaming once again at live sports on a television rather than screaming at people on social media, and it was quite refreshing.

There were some big performances this week throughout the NFL, including a “thrilling” 16-14 win for the hometown Tennessee Titans in Denver (what a display of kicking that game was). Without further ado, here are our NFL power rankings from week 1 heading into week 2:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

It’s hard to find a weakness with the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes didn’t even have to do that much in week 1 against Houston, and they still made it look relatively easy. Hard to put anybody in this spot other than the reigning champs.

2. Baltimore Ravens

I tell you what, Lamar Jackson and company looked extremely efficient and extremely dangerous on Sunday against the lowly Cleveland Browns. Anyone banking on a dropoff from the Ravens this year……I just don’t see it.

3. New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees and company dismantled Tom Brady and the Bucs on Sunday, but I didn’t think they looked all that great offensively. Michael Thomas is banged up so it’ll be an interesting team to keep an eye on moving forward. Still plenty to like about the Saints, though.

4. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers looked like vintage Aaron Rodgers on Sunday against the Vikings. He absolutely shredded them. If you can find a way to get Davante Adams on your team in your fantasy leagues, do it. He’s going to catch A LOT of balls this year for the Packers.

5. Tennessee Titans

Go on, call me a homer. You’ll be interested to know I’m actually a Packers fan so you can rip me for the spot above this one. I thought the Titans did a lot of good things against Denver, but obviously the big takeaway from that game was Stephen Gostkowski’s assault on the world of kicking. That’s got to get better immediately. But I do think a lot of people nationally are sleeping on the Titans.

6. Seattle Seahawks

The addition of Jamal Adams sure looks like it’s going to pay dividends for the Seahawks. Factor in that with Russell Wilson being Russell Wilson and you’re off to a good start.

7. Buffalo Bills

I still don’t trust Josh Allen any farther than I can throw him, but I do love the addition of Stefon Diggs to that group in Buffalo. The Bills defense has a chance to be special.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers

The return of Big Ben gives the Steelers some level of competent quarterback play, which they didn’t have last year. Toss in that defense and you’ve got a really solid, contending group in the AFC North.

9. San Francisco 49ers

The Jimmy G haters had their way on Sunday in a loss to the Arizona Cardinals. I still think their defense is one of the best in the NFL and that’s going to put them right there in the NFC, but he’s going to have to be better if they want to return to the Super Bowl.

10. Los Angeles Rams

Lots of people were sleeping on the Rams heading into the season, myself included. With Aaron Donald, potentially the most dominant player in the NFL, on defense and with an offense that got back to their strengths in week 1, I like a lot about the Rams. That new stadium is also pretty friggin’ sweet.

11. New England Patriots

Everyone wanted to know what the offense would look like with Cam Newton under center rather than Brady. The early returns are good, although I still want to see Newton get down more and avoid big hits. He took some on Sunday that aren’t promising for his long-term availability this season.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The sky is falling in Tampa Bay after their week 1 loss to the Saints and Brady throwing two garbage interceptions. I’ve seen this movie before. He’ll be OK.

13. Arizona Cardinals

I think Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins form one of the most intriguing duos in the league. Great start to their season in San Francisco knocking off the reigning NFC champs.

14. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota’s defense was put in the shredder by Aaron Rodgers in week 1, and that secondary is still a major question mark. They’ll be better in week 2 against Indy and Dalvin Cook is still pretty darn good.

15. Houston Texans

It’s hard to really judge what the Texans are right now after a week 1 loss to the Chiefs. Nobody is slowing down that offense. Doesn’t get any easier in week 2 against Baltimore. The Texans could be 0-2 and still be a pretty good team.

16. Dallas Cowboys

It’s hard for me to have the Cowboys anywhere besides number 16. Because they have been the definition of average for a decade and will likely continue to be so.

17. Indianapolis Colts

The biggest question for the Colts this year is which version of Philip Rivers is going to show up? Good or bad? We got a little of both on Sunday against the Jags. And that in itself may end up being the problem.

18. Las Vegas Raiders

Josh Jacobs ran wild on Sunday against the Panthers and Derek Carr made some nice throws. Maybe a sneaky playoff contender in Las Vegas in year one.

19. Los Angeles Chargers

Nothing about the Chargers is overly exciting outside of Joey Bosa, but I do like Tyrod Taylor leading that group. Based on what Rivers did last year, it could even be an upgrade. Need to get Austin Ekeler the ball on a more consistent basis (totally selfish reasons for that on my fantasy football team).

20. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles looked really, really bad against Washington. Like really, really bad. I’m not going to overreact to one game though, so we’ll see how they look in week 2.

21. Denver Broncos

I like a lot of the pieces that Denver has, even without Von Miller being in the fold. They need to get healthy at the wide receiver position. Missing Courtland Sutton was a huge loss for them against the Titans.

22. Washington Football Team

Don’t count out the Washington Football Team. That division is so bad that they may just be able to have a chance.

23. Chicago Bears

You got really bad Mitch Trubisky for most of that game against Detroit, and then the Lions turned into the Lions and totally screwed it up. The Bears are going to get much better until they improve the quarterback position.

24. Carolina Panthers

I like a lot of the pieces for Carolina offensively, but I’m not sold on Teddy Bridgewater and that defense just looked straight up bad against the Raiders. Could be a long year in Carolina.

25. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are like the past couple of seasons of The Walking Dead (I may be the only one who still watches that show)…..there’s a lot of build up all the time and then it just lets you down. Their defense may be the worst in the NFL. Matt Ryan is going to have to throw for 500 yards per game.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars

Do NOT underestimate Gardner Minshew, baby!

27. Cleveland Browns

Again, it’s hard to judge a team when they open up against the Ravens. But there is just so much turmoil with that group in Cleveland, and Baker Mayfield is one of the most unlikable people in the NFL. I won’t ever believe anything will work with the Browns until I see it for myself.

28. Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow is going to be a pretty good NFL quarterback. There are going to be some growing pains with that roster this year, but I’m really excited to watch the Bengals play, which is already saying something.

29. Detroit Lions

The Lions were up 23-6 in the 4th quarter against the Bears and ended up blowing the lead and dropping what would have been an easy game-winning touchdown as time was winding down. In other words, we’ve finally found something normal about 2020.

30. Miami Dolphins

Ryan Fitzpatrick was certainly not FitzMagic on Sunday. It’s only a matter of time before Tua takes over.

31. New York Giants

Is Saquon Barkley overrated? I’m beginning to think that may be the case.

32. New York Jets

Just genuinely awful. Adam Gase will be the first NFL coaching casualty this year.

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